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For best mobile view turn your phone on its side.


Access messaging through Messages link in upper right corner after you log in.

An envelope means you have a new private message.

Use the ignore feature to stop receiving messages from unwanted senders.


Each title can be rated, or voted on, 1 time per user. Votes are permanent and cannot be changed, so be sure of your rating. Hovering over each rating notch will tell you how many out of 10 that vote will be worth. All votes are combined and the resulting rating is displayed as an overall favorability percentage.

50 votes are required before a title is added to the top rated lists.

BBCode & Posting Comments

Hovering over each button will show you if there are other optional related codes.
Buttons left to right:

Bold, Italic, Underline, Striked, Image, Link, Quote, Code, Youtube Video, Spoiler, Highlight, Center, Font, Size, Color, Smilies

Font list:

f1: Cherry Cream Soda
f2: Special Elite
f3: Indie Flower
f4: Caveat
f5: Homemade Apple
f6: Creepster
f7: Risque
f8: Margarine
f9: Flavors
f10: Modern Antiqua

To link text use:
Example: CDXX

Links will open in a new tab automatically.

To prevent dialog boxes, insert text first, then highlight text to be tagged and click BBCode button to autowrap.

To use other related code listed in button's description info: type the tags manually.

It is not necessary to fill in the Title field on replies, the title will automatically list as Re: (title replying to) if left blank. Please do not leave thread titles blank, instances of Re: (board title) will be deleted if the title is not edited in quickly.

To ignore another poster: do not open their comments. The boards allow you to only read the comments you want to read.

To remove the Add Comment dialog at any time click Cancel.


Be sure to hit Enter after finishing with search terms.

To see a list of TV shows currently airing, type still airing in the search box and hit enter.

If a question was not answered here, feel free to post it on the Support board.
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